Modern Roofing

Perhaps everyone knows the situation when you need to screw a screw or hammer a small nail into a hard-to-reach place, and they still strive to fall out of hand. Then you have to call someone for help or invent ingenious devices and designs.

Magnetic nozzles-holders DDN Total Magnet Driver securely fix the fasteners and help to quickly tighten the screw or screw, even in the most uncomfortable position.

The work can be carried out, as they say, “with one hand”, without holding anything and without directing it. A special handle and a curved magnetic nail holder allow you to safely operate with a hammer, without fear of hitting your fingers.

Having fixed the magnet on the other side of the handle, it can literally be hung on any metal surface. This is especially convenient if there is no place to put the tool, but it should be at hand, as happens, say, when working on a stepladder. The kit includes 5 nozzles of different colors, each of which corresponds to a specific screwdriver diameter.

In addition, the kit has a very useful accessory – a magnetic bracelet that collects all fasteners on itself, preventing it from scattering in different directions, and thus frees up the hands of a master.

All nozzles are compatible with any drills, screwdrivers and folding screwdrivers, which makes it possible to use your tool.

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