House-wave in Denmark

Construction News

Eleven years in Denmark stands unusual long-term construction. The house, called Bölgen, is located in a town called Weil. It has a very unusual look, resembling an ocean wave. This form was given to the building by the architects of the Danish workshop of Henning Larsen Architects.

Construction of the house-wave started in 2006, but it stopped only two years later due to the global financial crisis. As a result, the building was unfinished. In a preserved form, Bolgen existed until 2015. The developer had finally found the means to complete the project.

On the eve of the new 2019, the house-wave with a total area of ​​14 thousand square meters was commissioned. The five-section nine-storey building includes one hundred apartments. Many of them have a magnificent view of the bay Skaythus. In addition, the apartments have balconies. The interior of the apartments corresponds to the classical style of Hyugge, which is popular among the Danes – a lot of free space, light, air, comfort and very few partitions.

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