Gender-based wage differentials – inequality in the construction sector

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Men still dominate among those employed in the construction sector.

On March 3-9, 2019, Women in Construction Week was held by National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC). The Association was founded in 1953 by 16 women . Since then the week has been annually held. The discussions were held within Women in Construction Week on the causes interefering women to be involved in the construction industry.

One of the main reasons for women to abstain from employment in the construction sector is the stereotype, that women are not physically able to work on the construction site. The second and important reason is low wages significantly reducing the motivation of women. This tendency is also observed in developed countries such as the UK and the United States.

In the US, women have 4.3%  lower salary than men. The Federal Bureau for Local Labor Statistics states that about 11,181,000 are employed  in the construction sector and 1,107,000 (9.9%) among them are women.

The United States National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) is actively promoting women’s career development in the construction industry. Since 2008, the San Diego branch of the association has been arranging summer schools with only female participation and qualification for construction specialties. In addition, the United States has developed a career development program in construction  named Tools and Tiaras, that includes several months free practical training for women of all ages.

Despite investing in construction projects in the UK, the workforce is not increasing and the main challenge of the sector is considered to be skilled workforce shortage. The share of women among employeed is also small. According to a Women into Science and Engineering survey the share of employed females in the sector is 11%.

In the UK, the pay gap between men and women in construction sector stands at 45.4%. Women are paid an average hourly rate of 8.04 pounds, while the amount earned for men is 14.74 pounds.

According to the official data of the Department of Statistics, the wage difference between women and men employed in the construction sector of Georgia in 2017 – 2018 is as follows:

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